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We are an independent affiliate for 4Life Research. We do have a retail store located in Glendale, CA 

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Questions about Transfer Factor

What are transfer factors?

Transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs—substances that add nutrients to the body. Transfer factors are molecules that actually transfer immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another.

What research has been done on transfer factors?

In the 50 years since Dr. Lawrence’s pioneering work on transfer factors, an estimated $40 million has been spent researching transfer factors and hundreds of scientific papers have been published documenting their effectiveness.

Recent independent studies report that 4Life Transfer Factor and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus®Tri-Factor Formulas boost Natural Killer cell activity a remarkable 283% and 437%* when your body needs it.

What is nanofactor?

Nanofractions are low-weight molecules possessing natural intuition and functioning as part of the complex "command and control" network of the immune system.  NanoFactors helps immune system cells know when to act, how to act, and when to rest.

Where does 4Life Transfer Factor come from?

Nature has perfected a way to help keep its young healthy. A mother passes on vital immune know-how (gathered from her own experiences) in the first critical days of life. Mammals pass on this information through the mother’s first milk, or colostrum, while other animals pass the information through egg yolk. Transfer factors and nanofraction molecules are important components of this education, acting as nature’s first supplements.

Using patented and patent-pending processes, 4Life extracts transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk to provide a wide range of immune system support. 4Life obtains nanofraction molecules from cow colostrum using a nano filter.

Chickens and cows live outside, leaving them exposed to a variety of germs, which their immune systems must battle in order to stay healthy. Both transfer factors and nanofraction molecules can be safely transferred to humans, making cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk excellent sources for immune system support.

How can I share 4Life Transfer Factor products with other people?

4Life offers a financial opportunity just as rewarding as its innovative products. To learn more about 4Life Transfer Factor, please contact us for more details.

*Test results obtained from independent NK cell studies conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology, at the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The blind studies tested 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF (the primary ingredient in Tri-Factor Formula) and other immune system products.