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Boost Your Immune System with 4Life

Transfer factors are quite different from vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients your body uses to carry out many important functions, such as the conversion of food into energy (metabolism). Herbs contain phytonutrients, natural compounds found in plant foods that act in a variety of ways to support optimal body function. Transfer factors are not classified as nutrients; they are messenger molecules that contain important immune system information and intelligence that can be relayed to immune cells throughout your body.*

Transfer factors are very small molecules that your immune system generates. They are not species-specific, which means that transfer factors generated by cows, chickens, and other animals can benefit the human immune system.*

Transfer factors in supplements are most commonly sourced from cow colostrum. The cow colostrum is filtered to remove ingredients such as casein and other large proteins, which allows for a high concentration of transfer factor molecules in the supplement.

Transfer factors support immune system health in three main ways: recognize, respond, and remember.*

Recognize:Transfer factors help your immune system identify harmful invaders quickly.*Respond:Transfer factors enhance your immune system’s ability to respond to and destroy harmful invaders.*Remember:Transfer factor molecules store specific information about different invaders, which gets passed along to your immune system cells. Your immune system cells remember this information as long as they live (typically a few months), which helps them quickly identify and destroy invaders each time your body encounters them.*

Typical immune system products are simply boosters, enhancing immune system function only. When you buy transfer factor products from 4Life, though, you get effective products that optimize your immune system response.* What does this mean?

When you take transfer factors, you significantly strengthen your immune system response.*Transfer factors help promote a balanced immune system response.*Transfer factors contain a large amount of immune system knowledge, which helps your immune system quickly recognize and respond to harmful invaders.*

The human immune system is diverse and complex and has over 200 subtypes of cells, proteins, and mediators. Ideally, all components will work in a balanced way and perform their tasks. In reality, though, immune system balance can be disrupted by stress, poor diet choices, and even pollution.